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Selling without being Salesy

Episode Summary

This podcast episode focuses on how insurance agents can sell policies and provide value to clients without coming across as salesy or pushy.

The host, Gillan, interviews Rod Frizell, a veteran with 38 years of insurance industry experience. They discuss how agents can take a consultative approach to truly understand a prospect's needs and offer helpful solutions rather than just trying to make a sale.

Rod shares that one of the biggest weaknesses he sees among agents is a reluctance to ask potential clients questions. Doing a thorough needs analysis by asking thoughtful questions is key to uncovering problems the client may be facing and identifying gaps in their coverage. This helps build trust and rapport.

Often, people have insurance needs they don't even realize are there. By actively listening and asking the right questions, an agent is able to identify these unrecognized needs. Rod emphasizes agents should not assume a prospect needs a particular policy just because the agent has it to sell.

Rod advises that agents should be prepared to walk away from a meeting if there is no need. Pushing products on people who don't need them contributes to the "salesy" reputation that many dislike. The focus should be on solving client problems, not just closing deals.

To demonstrate how asking questions allows you to naturally uncover needs, Rod roleplays a conversation with Gillan. He asks about marital status, dependents, debts, assets, aging parents, and other responsibilities. This prompts discussions about potential needs around debt repayment, funeral costs, and long-term care expenses.

Rod's friendly questioning style shows how a needs analysis discussion can reveal opportunities to provide value without any pushiness. By understanding someone's full financial picture and obligations, an agent can identify important insurance gaps.

An overemphasis on marketing and prospecting at the expense of sales skills is common. Agents need to devote energy to honing their ability to ask thoughtful questions and actively listen to understand client needs. This consultative approach builds trust and credibility.

The key takeaway is that selling insurance does not have to feel salesy or pushy. By focusing on building relationships, asking smart questions, and keeping the focus on client needs (not commissions), agents can add tremendous value for prospects while also growing their business with integrity.


(0:00:05) - Broker Link podcast focuses on helping insurance agents grow their business
(0:00:47) - Rod tells Gillan things are getting back to normal with Covid
(0:01:16) - You've been in the insurance business for 38 years, according to Wikipedia
(0:03:40) - Gillan: The greatest weakness among insurance agents is fear of asking questions
(0:10:07) - Ask your parents questions about their finances and find out what they need
(0:17:03) - Gillan: A lot of agents focus too much on marketing
(0:22:46) - Rod: You need to do a needs analysis before selling life insurance
(0:25:22) - Gillan: I think this is a good takeaway

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