Should I Sell ACA Plans?

Episode Summary

This podcast episode focuses on explaining why agents should consider selling ACA health insurance plans. It features an interview with Belinda Diciaccio, an expert on ACA enrollment at the brokerage.

A key benefit of ACA is it allows agents to fully serve clients across all insurance needs. For example, agents selling life insurance likely have clients with uninsured family members needing individual health plans. Without offering ACA, agents miss out on those potential sales.


(0:00:00) - Our question of the day is, should I sell ACA plans

(0:00:36) - The Broker Link podcast is where agents go to grow their insurance business

(0:02:21) - Texas is one of the largest uninsured states

(0:08:09) - What would you say is the current state of the ACA

(0:10:31) - The brokerage helps agents get started with the Affordable Care Act

(0:15:09) - An ACA is a great product to cross-sell with because everybody needs it

(0:17:25) - ACA, we're marketing more to younger people. What would you say are some marketing strategies

(0:22:56) - Every relationship you have in business is worth four and a half referrals

(0:25:05) - The ACA is more competitive than ever, and it's more stable than ever

(0:26:37) - Broker Link helps agents sell more, earn more, and stay independent

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