Social Media Marketing Ideas for 2021

Episode Summary

This podcast episode focuses on providing actionable social media strategies and tips for insurance agents looking to grow their business in 2021.

The hosts start by acknowledging that while social media is increasingly important for insurance, it can also seem overwhelming and vague. Many agents know they should have a presence but aren't sure where to focus their efforts.

The key is keeping things simple and targeted. The hosts emphasize not trying to be everything for everyone. Do research to find out where your ideal clients are spending time online. Define clear goals - are you aiming for brand awareness? Lead generation? Increased retention?

One of the biggest trends right now is video content. Short videos under a minute tend to perform best algorithmically. Consider creating authentic, simple videos introducing yourself/your services and boosting them locally. At just $5 per day, you could get your message in front of a large portion of a small town.

Another hot trend is Messenger marketing. Many don't realize Facebook Messenger has one of the largest user bases globally. Add it to your website to enable instant engagement. You can even leverage automation like chatbots to qualify leads 24/7.

Facebook Groups are also a major opportunity. Create a group for your current clients to improve retention and engagement. Or create niche groups in your local community - remind them of your services when relevant.

Outsourcing social media posting is crucial to free up time and scale efficiently. Consider delegating tasks to a virtual assistant to implement your vision and goals.

The key takeaways are:
- Know your audience, set S.M.A.R.T. goals
- Short local videos
- Messenger marketing
- Facebook Groups
- Outsource posting

The hosts provide example after example of how these strategies can work for insurance agents based on their own experiences. While social media may not be the first thing people think of in insurance, building your brand and connections in your community through social platforms has enormous value.

Implementing even just one of the tips covered could lead to tangible results. Any agent looking to improve their social media presence would gain valuable insights from this podcast episode.


(0:00:00) - Five things you can do in 2021 to grow your business with social media
(0:01:00) - Five tips to help you grow your social media in 2021
(0:03:22) - Know your audience and define your goals with social media
(0:06:57) - Experiment with video content to boost your ad sales
(0:11:18) - The next point is to leverage messenger marketing. Did you guys know that Facebook Messenger is
(0:16:06) - Number four, experiment with groups. Facebook groups. I think in 2021, far more effective than posting stuff
(0:18:54) - Let's say you want to use groups for lead generation
(0:21:14) - I've struggled with social media for insurance because once again, people
(0:22:27) - The fifth point might be the key to what's holding you back
(0:23:14) - Finally, consider outsourcing your work. If you have some capital, this can be very affordable
(0:26:49) - First, know your audience, and define your goals. The second one is to experiment with video content
(0:29:10) - Five tips that can help you grow your business right now

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