Social Media Myth Busting

Episode Summary

This podcast episode focuses on debunking common social media myths that insurance agents often hear and follow, but that don't actually work well for their niche. The hosts emphasize the need for insurance agents to stop listening to generalized mainstream social media advice and instead use strategies tailored specifically to their audience and goals.

The first myth they bust is that agents should post daily insurance tips and information. The reality is that most people simply don't care about the intricacies of insurance until they actually need to purchase a policy. Posting dry, generic insurance advice every day is unlikely to engage or convert followers. Instead, the hosts recommend focusing on lifestyle tips, local happenings, and other content the target audience will genuinely appreciate. The goal is to build authentic connections that go beyond insurance.

Next, they debunk the myth that more posting equals better results. While some social media gurus preach posting constantly, the hosts argue this floods followers' feeds with low-quality content. Algorithms favor consistency and value. Posting thoughtful, worthwhile content a few times a week will get better engagement than posting fluff multiple times a day. Quality over quantity.

Trying to maintain profiles on every social media platform is another myth. The hosts advise mastering just one or two platforms where the target audience is active. Agents can provide far more value by specializing than by spreading themselves thin across many networks.

Copying big brand social media tactics is also ineffective. Slick graphics and overly professional language won't resonate. Instead, agents should play to their strengths as local experts by sharing behind-the-scenes photos, testimonials, and hyperlocal happenings that big corporations can't authentically replicate.

Finally, the hosts warn against strict posting schedules. While consistency matters, engagement and quality content should drive posting frequency. There's no need to clutter feeds with fluff just to stick to a calendar.

In summary, insurance agents need to leverage social media strategies tailored to their niche, not follow one-size-fits-all mainstream advice. Being authentic, selective, and locally focused is key. This podcast provides valuable insights to help agents create genuine value and connections on social media.


(0:00:04) - On this episode of the Broker Link podcast, Gillan and Chris discuss social media
(0:00:27) - Welcome to the broker link podcast about insurance and social media
(0:02:14) - Gillan: You should always put helpful information on social media
(0:04:22) - The more you post, the better is a common social media myth
(0:06:22) - The third myth that we're going to bust today is you have to be on everything
(0:10:43) - The last myth is that you have to be on a posting schedule
(0:12:56) - Stay on social media. Get engagement. Stay on all these digital marketing strategies
(0:13:36) - Broker Link podcast helps agents sell more, earn more, and stay independent

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