Social Media Myth-Busting

Episode Summary

Bob Whitis joins a podcast to discuss social media strategy and debunk myths for insurance agencies looking to expand their online presence. He provides tips for effectively using platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google to connect with consumers.

The hosts explain that in the insurance industry, there is a lot of misinformation and confusion surrounding social media. Many agencies want to leverage these platforms but don't know where to begin. They emphasize the need for practical guidance beyond gimmicks and hype.

Bob begins by dispelling the myth that social media only targets young audiences. Research shows usage has gone mainstream across all demographics. The key is crafting content that provides value for your ideal customers. He advises agencies to focus their efforts on the "big four" - LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google posts.

On these platforms, Bob recommends showcasing your agency's side by featuring employee spotlights, local events, and community initiatives. This humanizes the brand and attracts followers. He warns against vanity metrics, noting social media is about quality engagement over quantity.

The hosts acknowledge some marketers make unrealistic promises about overnight social media success. Bob stresses that organic results require consistency, patience, and strategic content. Quick fixes like buying followers often backfire. Instead, agencies should focus on building credibility over time.

Getting started, Bob suggests setting up company profiles and emailing current clients to gain those critical initial followers and momentum. Creating a regular content calendar focused on insurance education also helps establish thought leadership.

He points agencies to free built-in analytics tools to track performance metrics and schedule future posts. This data allows you to refine content and better understand your audience. Bob also notes the value of custom social media campaigns involving design, imagery, and copywriting for special projects.

In summary, Bob emphasizes that social media can positively impact sales, referrals, and visibility for insurance agencies when executed strategically. But it's critical to avoid assumptions and gimmicks. By providing authentic value, insurance agencies can thrive on digital platforms and continually enhance their customer experience.


(0:00:00) - Being engaged on social media channels can have a substantial impact on your brand
(0:00:53) - According to Statista, 82% of the US population is using social media
(0:01:35) - Your business should be on every single social media network
(0:03:02) - A lot of people think they need to be social media influencers
(0:04:15) - If you ask your friends and family to like every post, what would you say
(0:05:15) - One in three consumers use social media to discover new brands, according to survey
(0:06:53) - Many insurance agencies see social media as a cheap way to market themselves
(0:07:56) - There is so much misinformation regarding insurance brokers and insurance agencies on social media
(0:09:55) - Social media is a marketing medium that you can use to show off the human side
(0:17:01) - Brightfire helps insurance agencies manage their social media
(0:22:29) - Brightfire offers custom social media campaigns for $65 per month
(0:24:50) - Brightfire helps connect insurance agents with insurance buyers through the Internet
(0:28:50) - We do have a Brightfire webinar coming up next week

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