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Social Media Strategies for Agents

Episode Summary

The podcast discusses effective social media strategies for insurance agents. With so many platforms available, it can be overwhelming to determine where to focus efforts. The hosts recommend taking a minimalist approach and selecting just one or two key channels like YouTube and Facebook. These tend to be where target clients spend the most time online. Other networks like TikTok don't make sense for older demographics. Agents should conduct research to identify where their audience is present and weed out ineffective platforms.

Once the main platforms are selected, consistency is crucial. Agents should create a posting schedule using a tool like CoSchedule. This allows for the organization and planning of content. The recommendation is to utilize a 45/45/10 split for social posts - 45% educational content, 45% engaging content to spark discussion, and 10% promotional. Avoid hard sells.

Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) like new subscribers over time is important to measure audience growth and determine what content resonates. Social media should act as a supplement to broader marketing initiatives, not the sole focus. Websites should still be the priority, with brokerages handling lead generation through advertising. Agents should focus on service, relationships, and thought leadership content.

Video is recommended as it tends to perform best on social media. Agents should incorporate explainer videos, live talks, testimonials, and more. Diversity of content is key.

When it comes to social media, starting small and remaining consistent is essential. It's better to be consistent on fewer platforms than spread efforts too thin. The goal should be providing value through educational and engaging content vs overt sales pitches. If agents can establish themselves as helpful resources, social followers will convert to clients organically over time. But it requires patience and persistence.

With the right minimalist strategy focused on quality over quantity, agents can build an impactful social presence that complements other marketing efforts. The key is staying laser-focused on the most effective platforms for your audience and avoiding distraction by less viable networks. Consistency, tracking growth, and providing value should be the core areas of focus. Social media presents a major opportunity for agents but only if leveraged strategically.


(0:00:08) - Chris Huston is the lady who edits our videos
(0:00:52) - We recommend a minimalist social media strategy for insurance agents
(0:05:14) - There's no magic formula for selling insurance on social media
(0:06:52) - The brokerage. We're currently developing a leads program for our agents
(0:08:12) - There's a difference between your social media strategy and then advertising on Facebook
(0:12:29) - The first thing is you have to understand your audience. Are they millennials? Are they, seniors
(0:15:14) - Chris: You just need to focus on two social media channels
(0:16:56) - 23% of baby boomers are on Instagram
(0:18:37) - The third tip is you need to create a social media schedule for your business
(0:22:00) - You got to know what your key performance indicators are on social media
(0:25:31) - So the fourth piece of these little tips here is that you need to be publishing great content
(0:29:07) - You need to develop your own strategy for measuring your results
(0:29:44) - Chris: Be realistic about the return on investment of social media

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