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The Broker Link 2020 Wrap Up

Episode Summary

Chris and I are excited to wrap up the first season of the Broker Link podcast after an insightful inaugural year. Despite the challenges of 2020, our podcast allowed us to adapt digitally to continue providing value to Broker Link agents.

When we launched the podcast, our goal was to start conversations and introduce listeners to new products, partners, and opportunities available through Broker Link. We aimed to inspire growth by sharing marketing wisdom, product expertise, policy insights, and success stories from top producers.

Looking back, we're proud to have published 48 episodes in season one, amassing nearly 2,000 downloads. This engagement shows us the podcast has become a popular destination for agents looking to take their business to the next level.

Some of our most popular episodes provided deep dives into specific insurance products and carriers, including Oscar Health and ICRA. We received great feedback on our healthcare policy updates from Washington insider Nahoo. His insider perspective helped agents stay informed on key industry changes.

We also featured many inspiring guests who opened up about their personal career journeys. Listeners told us they really enjoyed hearing stories like Gary Walker's path to successfully leverage radio advertising. Other influential guests included top producers like Albert and Sonny Gurney.

As Chris and I look ahead to season two in 2021, we're excited to build on the podcast's early success. We plan to continue providing tactical tips on critical topics like growing an agency, branding, social media marketing, and other business development strategies.

And we look forward to welcoming new inspiring guests like Cheryl Hopkin, one of Broker Link's influential women leaders. Cheryl and others will share their leadership lessons and perspectives on the industry.

With over 48 episodes published in our first year, the Broker Link podcast has become a trusted destination for agents to learn and grow. If you want to stay updated on the latest insights and opportunities for accelerating your insurance business, be sure to subscribe today!

Chris and I greatly appreciate all our listeners and can't wait to kick off season two. Here's to another year of value-packed episodes aimed at starting conversations and introducing Broker Link agents to new products, partners, and resources. Let's keep growing together!


(0:00:00) - This is the final Broker Link podcast of the year
(0:00:32) - The Broker Link podcast looks at how insurance professionals can grow their businesses in 2020
(0:03:43) - Last year, we finished our whole rebranding here at the brokerage
(0:04:58) - Chris Hopkins: We've talked about everything related to insurance this year
(0:09:35) - Chris: We had a wonderful season with 48 episodes this year
(0:13:51) - Another area that did extremely well with our listeners was introducing you to agents and agency partners
(0:15:20) - We had some great success stories from people trying to grow their agencies
(0:18:43) - Because of COVID we did talk a lot about digital branding this year
(0:21:23) - This year we dove into Medicare, ACA, life and final expense
(0:25:01) - The first podcast in 2021 will focus on leadership at the brokerage
(0:27:33) - We're going to talk about retirement planning and cross-selling succession planning
(0:28:53) - Next week's podcast will feature women in the insurance industry

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