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Jorge Baste from UnitedHealthcare presented detailed information on their range of supplemental insurance offerings in a recent webinar. He began with an overview of UnitedHealthcare and its mission to create "wins" for its clients, agents, and companies by providing valuable insurance products. Jorge then delved into an in-depth review of UnitedHealthcare's most popular supplemental insurance product lines for seniors.

The first product covered was Hospital Wise, UnitedHealthcare's top-selling supplemental health plan. Hospital Wise provides cash benefits directly to policyholders for hospital stays and other inpatient facilities. This money can be used to help pay deductibles, copays, and other costs not covered by Medicare. An appealing aspect is the ability to customize benefits amounts and add optional riders like pharmacy coverage. Jorge demonstrated the user-friendly Hospital Wise plan builder tool that allows agents to tailor coverage by inputting their clients' preferences and situations. The customized quotes make it easy for agents to find the ideal hospital indemnity plan for each senior.

Next, Jorge discussed UnitedHealthcare's Critical Illness supplemental insurance which pays out a lump sum cash benefit upon diagnosis of a covered critical illness such as cancer, stroke, or heart attack. This money can provide financial assistance with treatment costs or any other needs the policyholder chooses. The cash payouts aim to alleviate the financial stress during an already difficult time.

Accident insurance was covered next. These policies provide cash benefits to help cover out-of-pocket costs associated with injuries from a covered accident. The money can assist with expenses that regular health insurance doesn't cover, like transportation, lodging, and more.

In addition to the health-focused supplemental plans, Jorge also detailed UnitedHealthcare's dental and vision insurance offerings. The dental plans help pay for routine preventive care like cleanings and x-rays as well as basic and major services. Savings on expensive dental work can be significant. The vision plans cover routine eye exams and vision materials like eyeglasses and contact lenses. Jorge noted that UnitedHealthcare recently enhanced their dental line with the improved Dental Wise and Dental Wise Max options that have increased benefits and no waiting periods.

In closing, Jorge reiterated key benefits like the guarantee issue underwriting on many supplemental plans that allow approval without health questions up to age 90. This makes it much easier for seniors to get the supplemental coverage they need. He also reminded agents about promotional bonuses like the $50 payout for a second approved application.

Overall, the presentation highlighted how UnitedHealthcare's range of supplemental insurance products can provide seniors with greater financial protection and valuable benefits to support healthier, more financially stable retirements.


(0:00:00) - Brokerlink podcast features advice on how to cross-sell insurance products
(0:00:49) - Jorge Baste is a sales director with UnitedHealthcare
(0:02:12) - Chesapeake Life has recently changed its name to UnitedHealthcare
(0:03:46) - Surbridge offers a vast product line with very rich benefits and competitive premiums
(0:06:59) - UnitedHealthcare is hosting an annual kickoff event for Medicare and ACA brokers
(0:08:34) - Our best-selling product lines in our illness categories are hospital-wise and accident policies
(0:09:40) - Sherbridge offers several insurance plans that can provide income replacement for your client
(0:12:35) - Questions are extremely important in the sales process for insurance sales
(0:20:08) - Simplified issue is the solution if your client needs higher coverage
(0:24:25) - We recently replaced all of our dental and vision policies with new policies
(0:28:55) - Dental Wise Max replaces what was called our prime DVH plan
(0:34:42) - How do you get started with the Brokerage Inc.?

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