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Welcome Back 2024

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The Broker Link podcast kicked off its 2024 season by giving listeners a preview of what to expect in the insurance industry and from The Brokerage this year.

The host starts by addressing the elephant in the room - the 2024 election. As an election year, healthcare and insurance are hot topics, with many questioning whether taxpayer money is being spent responsibly in these industries. The Brokerage has been working diligently with the National Association of Benefit and Insurance Professionals (NABIP) to communicate the immense value that brokers provide and advocate for the role they play in stewarding healthcare programs. The host encourages agents to stay professional during this uncertain time and remain focused on serving clients. He notes that at the end of the day, the government's goal aligns with The Brokerage's goal - to best serve citizens.

In terms of upcoming events, the host mentions CaPCon, an industry conference where agents can get the latest information on final rules from CMS, political impacts on the industry, and strategies to navigate policy changes. For agents concerned about the election, he suggests joining NABIP to stay up-to-date on key political discussions.

Next, the host announces some exciting company updates. Mike Smith, President of The Brokerage, is transitioning into a President Emeritus role after an amazing 30-year career. In this new phase, Mike will have more time to share his industry insights on the Broker Link podcast. The host emphasizes Mike's people-first leadership style and wealth of expertise from decades in the business.

On the technology front, The Brokerage will be launching a refreshed website to better organize and showcase its abundant educational content - podcasts, articles, webinars, and more. The Broker Link platform is also getting some upgrades like contract status visibility, production reporting, and deeper CRM integration.

Finally, the host shares that The Brokerage will be relocating to a larger facility to accommodate rapid growth over the last several years. This demonstrates their commitment to serving agents and putting them first.

Looking ahead, the host previews some exciting topics they'll cover in-depth this season. These include succession planning - how to turn your book of business into a sellable asset; cross-selling strategies to expand your portfolio; and adapting to industry changes. With Mike's increased involvement plus enhancements across the board, 2024 promises to be an amazing year of learning and growth for Broker Link listeners.


(0:00:00) - The Broker Link podcast kicks off the 2024 season with a preview
(0:00:54) - There's a lot of discussion about Medicare and the subsidized healthcare programs
(0:03:36) - NABIP is looking at how the political season could affect regulations
(0:04:25) - Mike Smith will transition to the role of president emeritus at the brokerage
(0:06:33) - Mike will be spending more time on the podcast this season
(0:07:31) - This podcast focuses on helping you turn your book of business into a sellable asset
(0:08:54) - Brokerage Inc. is launching a new refreshed website this year
(0:10:36) - The Brokerage Inc. is actually relocating to a larger facility

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