What I Need to Know About ACA 2.0

Episode Summary

The transcript covers a discussion between two experts about the current ACA special enrollment period and how insurance agents can capitalize on this opportunity.

Overview of the Special Enrollment Period

The experts explain there is a new ACA special enrollment period running from February 15th to May 15th, 2021. This acts as an extension of the regular annual open enrollment period. Anyone can enroll, without needing to prove a qualifying life event occurred.

The special enrollment is "on exchange only." This means clients can access subsidies if eligible by providing income and household details. Off-exchange typically requires documentation of qualifying events. Even clients not getting subsidies can still use the special enrollment period in exchange.

Opportunity for New and Existing ACA Agents

For agents new to ACA, now is the time to get certified and start enrolling clients to gain experience during this extended period. The FFM certification covers enrollment for most major carriers.

Existing ACA agents should use this time to grow their book of business. Market services actively on social media, through videos and paid ads. Outsource digital marketing if needed.

Medicare agents can also capitalize on this period by expanding to ACA. Let Medicare clients know you sell ACA plans too and can help family members.

Best Practices for Enrollment

When enrolling new clients, have personal conversations to understand their needs. Don't just blast out links. Help guide them through the process using enrollment tools like HealthSherpa to track leads and enroll clients seamlessly.

The experts emphasize leveraging the brokerage's experienced ACA team for support. The team can answer agent questions and help maximize this opportunity.

Key Takeaways

In summary, key tips for capitalizing on the special enrollment period include:

- Getting certified in ACA enrollment if not already
- Personally guiding clients instead of just sending links
- Using enrollment tools to track leads and enroll efficiently
- Leveraging existing Medicare clients for cross-selling
- Actively marketing services through digital campaigns
- Tapping the brokerage's experienced ACA team for support

This extended enrollment period presents a major opportunity for new and existing ACA agents to establish or grow their book of business. Taking a thoughtful approach focused on client relationships and enrollment best practices will lead to success.


(0:00:03) - There is a new special enrollment period right now for the ACA health market
(0:00:42) - Belinda is our ACA sales director
(0:04:39) - Talk to us about what is a qualifying life event for ACA
(0:10:32) - Make sure that you have your certifications, right?
(0:14:02) - This podcast aims to help insurance agents sell more, earn more, and stay independent

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