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What is NAHU with Mike Smith

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This episode takes a deep dive into NAHU (National Association of Health Underwriters) and why agents should be a part of it. The Brokerage Inc. President, Mike Smith explains that NAHU serves as the lobbying voice for agents and brokers in Washington D.C. and helps advocate on legislative issues. Mike stresses the importance for brokers to stay informed on laws and regulations, as major changes like Medicare Part D and the Affordable Care Act significantly impacted his business. Adaptability is key.

Looking ahead, Mike is very optimistic about continued growth in Medicare Advantage plans as more seniors enroll. He expects strong industry expansion over the next 5-10 years. However, proposals like Medicare for All could negatively impact rural hospitals, doctor availability and broker opportunities in Mike's view. He prefers incremental improvements to the current system.

Mike advises agents looking to succeed to get involved with professional groups like NAHU for networking, education and advocacy. He says finding mentors and constantly learning enabled him to grow his agency and even win NAHU's top national award - a career highlight.


(0:00:00) - The Broker Link podcast focuses on helping insurance agents grow their business

(0:00:47) - Michael Miller got into the insurance business in 1993 after being in the restaurant business

(0:01:39) - Your role as president of Nahoo has significantly changed over the last decade

(0:04:00) - The brokerage remains number one with a small team, yet large production

(0:04:48) - Nahoo advocates on behalf of independent agents with respect to legislation

(0:07:02) - We continue to see Medicare Advantage plans becoming more and more popular

(0:12:04) - If we change our health care system, what do you see happening

(0:14:11) - I think what everybody really wants is a solution that's best for everybody

(0:15:15) - Do you see continued growth in Medicare Advantage? What's your pulse on that

(0:17:11) - NAHU has local chapters, state chapters, and also national chapters

(0:19:43) - Mike Nahoo shares a surprising story about being honored in the industry

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