What’s Ahead in 2022

Episode Summary

The host opened the season 2 finale episode of the Broker Link podcast by expressing gratitude to the listeners for helping them achieve strong growth this year, with the audience tripling over the past year. As they close out the season and head into 2022, the host previewed some exciting changes and improvements coming for season 3 launching in January.

First, they will be revamping the format of the podcast to make the episodes more concise, focused, and impactful. Each episode will highlight just three key takeaways that agents can immediately apply to their business. They will also be bringing back video elements so listeners can watch the podcast online if preferred. Additionally, they will provide transcripts for those who like to read rather than listen. So whether you prefer audio, video, or text, Broker Link will have you covered.

In terms of topics, the host explained they will go deeper on proven strategies to help agents retain their book of business within today's increasingly competitive insurance market. Tactics will include getting more referrals, cross-selling to provide additional value and income, and staying in front of clients so they continue choosing you over the big corporate insurance carriers. As marketing gets more expensive, these personal touchpoints become even more critical.

Excitingly, Broker Link will bring on more national guest representatives from insurance carriers. This will help agents get to know the companies they partner with better so they can represent them well. Agents need to have strong relationships with carriers so they can best serve their shared clients.

The show will also cover important legislative and technology updates relevant to the insurance industry. For example, you'll get insights from experts on trends in Medicare and health insurance. This insider knowledge will ensure agents stay current, compliant, and competitive.

You'll also hear inspirational success stories directly from top-performing agencies across the country. This will provide motivation and real-world examples of what is possible for your agency with the right strategies. Sometimes hearing how others overcame challenges can give you the extra push needed to take your business to the next level.

Overall, the goal of Broker Link is to help independent insurance agents get better at business while navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. With the insurance market getting more crowded and complex, ongoing education and motivation is critical for sustained success.

Beyond the podcast updates, the host shared they are improving their website and agent portal to provide a wealth of on-demand resources. This will include articles, videos, webinar recordings, downloads, and more to help agents stay at the cutting edge of insurance best practices. Given how competitive the industry is, constant learning is key to remaining distinctive and adding value.

In summary, if you are an insurance agent looking for actionable tips and motivation to succeed in 2022, be sure to tune into the Broker Link podcast when season 3 launches in January. The revamped show will provide targeted advice to help you retain clients, get referrals, stay updated on industry trends, and ultimately sell more policies and earn more income in the year ahead.


(0:00:05) - This is the season finale of the Broker Link podcast
(0:01:19) - We're going to take December off for the holiday season

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