2024 ACA First Look – Aetna

Video Summary

Aetna's Broker Manager, Mike Gwynn, unveils the company's highly anticipated plans for 2024. This year promises to be full of new opportunities and developments. From state expansion and entering new markets to the introduction of our cutting-edge over-the-counter program, there are numerous reasons to be enthusiastic about what's in store with Aetna. Discover how these initiatives will enhance coverage, increase access to healthcare services, and provide added convenience for members. Additionally, learn about Aetna’s commitment to streamlining the on-boarding process, ensuring a seamless experience for brokers and customers alike.


(2:28) The Aetna CVS Health Difference

New Updates for 2024

(3:02) Footprint and Expansion

Aetna is adding 5 new states for 2024

(8:34) Member Services

Mike Gwynn goes over the different programs available for members.

(13:40) Plan Overview

Mike Gwynn discusses key features in the 2024 plans.

(16:06) Broker Partnership

How to get appointed with Aetna CVS Health

(21:21) Questions

We review frequently asked questions from agents.

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