ACA 101

Video Summary

In this webinar, you will gain insights into ACA plans, QHPs, network types, and non-qualified health plans. Discover essential tips for insurance agents, licensing requirements, and utilizing platforms like HealthSherpa. Enhance your knowledge, improve client interactions, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.


(1:47) Why Sell ACA?

Benefits of selling ACA, types of Medical plans

(6:33) The Marketplace

Understanding the marketplace, on exchange vs. off exchange

(11:53) Networks


(15:26) Getting Started

Steps to take before selling an ACA plan

(17:37) Special Enrollment Period (SEP)


(22:37) Federal Poverty Guidelines

Poverty chart

(24:27) SEP Misconceptions

Circumstances that don't qualify for a SEP

(27:20) Finding SEP Eligible Clients 

Building relationships, engaging with the community

(29:02) Affordability

Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC), cost sharing reductions

(32:45) Consent Forms

Getting a consent form from your client

(35:58) Understanding the Risk & Value

How selling ACA plans can be beneficial

(38:06) Eligibility 

Eligibility guidelines to enroll in an ACA plan

(40:42) Financial Considerations

Tax filing status, estimating income

(44:42) Family Glitch

The family glitch resolution

(46:54) Referral Partners 

Trusted sources for referrals

(48:08) Resources

Brokerage Bucks, product trainings, contact information

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