ACA 101

Video Summary

Are you an insurance agent keen on boosting your proficiency in health insurance essentials? In this webinar, Michelle McLaren, equips you with critical information to assist your clients effectively. Gain valuable insights into ACA core concepts, qualifying criteria, plan varieties, subsidies, and more to elevate your client support during open enrollment and beyond.


(2:08) Major Medical Plans

Qualified Health Plans (QHPs), Non-Qualified Health Plans

(4:25) What is The Marketplace?

On-Exchange vs Off-Exchange, network, enrollment periods

(12:55) Medicaid Unwinding

What it is and who qualifies, 2023 poverty guidelines

(14:44) Savings

Advanced Premium Tax Credit, Cost Sharing Reductions

(17:51) Selling ACA Plans

Getting started, consent forms, risk analysis

(27:58) Tax Filing Status

Tax household, examples

(32:29) Employer Coverage 

Affordable plans, family glitch, examples

(37:41) Legislative Updates

New legislative updates

(40:55) Why Sell ACA?


(43:57) Marketing Opportunities 

SEPs, where to market, Brokerage Bucks

(49:04) Best Practices

How to maintain professionalism

(50:52) Questions

Agents ask questions




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