Life Insurance

Core Carrier Spotlight: Protective Life

Video Summary

Join us as we discuss the importance of protecting clients from high costs associated with chronic illness care. Our guest, Amanda Flaskowski, explains the benefits of adding a chronic illness rider to a permanent life insurance policy. Discover how this innovative approach can provide tax-free payments to cover medical and living expenses. Learn effective sales strategies and the importance of proactive conversations about chronic illness planning. Don't miss this opportunity to help clients secure their financial future.


(2:42) What is Chronic Illness?

Perception about chronic illness

(4:47) Approach

How to approach the conversation

(12:33) Traditional Coverage Options

Medicare, Medicaid, Long-term care

(15:45) Protective’s Blended Solution

Life insurance with a chronic illness rider

(23:33) Sales Ideas

Living Benefits

(33:22) Questions

Agents get their questions answered

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