Life Insurance

Life Insurance Refresher

Video Summary

In this webinar, Cristal Bustillos, gives a refresher course in life insurance. Crystal cover's essential aspects of life insurance, including licensing requirements, different life insurance products, contracting, underwriting, and how tobacco, marijuana, and cigar usage can impact policy rates. She will also discusses bonus programs, and share resources for ongoing education. This webinar will simplifies complex life insurance topics, providing valuable knowledge to help you navigate the life insurance space with confidence.


(0:56) Licensing & Certificates

How to get started

(5:01) Products

Products available at The Brokerage Inc.

(12:03) Underwriting

What is underwriting? What happens during underwriting? Tips

(17:04) Insurance Interest

Personal vs business insurance

(18:30) Qualifying 

Pre-qualifier form, tobacco/cigar usage

(26:23) Quoting & Applying

Quote engines, applications, drop ticket

(31:28) Bonus Opportunities 

Bonus program, Brokerage Bucks

(33:27) Plum Life

Instant issue term life

(35:14) Resources 

Learning aids, trainings, contact information

(36:58) Agent Portal

How to navigate The Broker Link


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