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Learn how you can utilize digital marketing strategies tailored for insurance agents to elevate your business to the next level. Discover how to optimize your online presence, master local SEO, leverage social media, create engaging Facebook ads, build credibility through online reviews, and forge strategic digital partnerships. Equip yourself with essential tools and knowledge to succeed in today's competitive insurance landscape. Learn how to elevate your marketing efforts and unlock the potential of digital marketing for your business.


(2:42) Digital Marketing Categories

Owed media, earned media, paid media

(7:14) Surround Sound Marketing

What is surround sound marketing? Marketing flywheel

(10:20) Websites 

Checklist for a good website

(15:08) Local SEO

Checklist to help you rank on Google

(16:11) Social Media Advertising

Creating a successful social media post

(19:10) Opt-In Funnels

Agency advertising, drip marketing

(20:22) Recommended Resources

Resources for CRMs, digital marketing, workflow automation

(22:11) Questions 

Agents ask questions

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