Life Insurance

Life Insurance Marketing

Video Summary

In this webinar, learn effective marketing strategies for life insurance agents, including tools like Linktree and Canva. Discover the power of social media on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Learn about websites and incorporating quoting. Explore CRM software, chatbots, and seasonal marketing campaigns for success. Gain actionable tips to enhance your online presence and grow your business.


(1:07) Life Insurance Resources


(2:27) Social Media

Platforms, content, ChatGPT

(6:27) Where to Market?

Best places to market

(7:44) Text Messages


(8:55) Email Signatures

Best practices

(11:50) Website

Making a website, quoting, Plum Life

(17:29) Setting Goals

Yearly marketing ideas, consistency

(19:03) Annual Reviews

Reasons to check-in with your clients yearly

(21:10) Customer Relationship Management


(21:48) Blogs


(22:43) Resources

Trainings, questions



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