Events Compliance

Video Summary

Join us as we dive into events compliance to gain valuable insights and best practices. Experts Ivonne, Diana, and Priscilla will clarify guidelines and regulations for hosting educational and sales events, ensuring you avoid penalties and protect clients and agents. Learn about marketing material requirements, presentation do's and don'ts, and the rules for different event types.


(2:22) Compliance Overview

Guidelines, expectation

(8:54) Types of Events

Educational and sales events

(11:28) Before the Event

What to do before your event

(19:11) During the Event

Signage, pre-approved materials

(26:37) Your Presentation

What to include in your presentation

(38:03) After the Event

BRCs, scope of appointment

(41:31) Best Practices

Best practices for your events

(58:14) Questions

Agents get their questions answered

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