Life Insurance

MassMutual: A must see option for your life and disability sales

Video Summary

Riley Henry and Erica Atkins from MassMutual provide essential strategies for safeguarding your clients income. Discover the benefits of whole life insurance for financial stability and explore tailored products from MassMutual. Understand the importance of income protection and disability insurance, and how MassMutual's products can be personalized for your client's needs.


(3:21) Whole Life Products

What is whole life? Whole life product overview

(9:04) Underwriting

Different underwriting classes

(15:09) Disability Insurance

Insuring your clients income

(19:54) Why People Buy Life Insurance

Buying life insurance as income replacement

(23:48) The Disability Gap

What is the disability insurance gap?

(31:04) Prospect Characteristics

Where to find prospective clients

(35:52) Radius Choice 

Finding the right fit for Radius Choice

(37:54) Disability Underwriting 

Expressed underwriting

(41:23) Questions 

Agents get their questions answered

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