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Mastering Sales Techniques: Preparing for Success

Video Summary

In this webinar, Mike Papuc, National Health Sales Director, will share the secrets to preparing for success and reveal the proven strategies used by top agents to get ahead of the competition. From staying ahead of the curve to enhancing your skills and client relationships, you'll learn how to position yourself for success and achieve your goals in a rapidly changing market.


(2:37) Industry Knowledge

Understanding products, regulations, and compliance policies

(7:30) Skills

Communication skills, techniques, customer service

(12:34) Marketing & Networking

Creating an online presence, where to network, generating referrals

(17:19) Client Education

Client education, advocating for your clients

(18:31) Continuous Learning 

Staying updated on industry news, getting feedback

(19:59) Ethics

Maintaining integrity and transparency

(23:05) Questions

Agents ask questions

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