SEP Success – Follow Ups

Video Summary

In this webinar, learn how to maximize opportunities in the health insurance market outside of open enrollment. Discover strategies for identifying and enrolling clients during Special Enrollment Periods. Explore key life events that trigger an SEP and find out how to leverage carrier incentives and cross-selling to boost your earnings. Learn how strengthening your relationship with your clients can enhance your future sales.


(1:10) What is SEP?

What a SEP is, qualifications

(7:16) Poverty Guidelines

Guidelines chart

(11:35) Marketing

Where to market

(14:21) Follow Ups

Data matching, carrier incentive for clients, autopay

(20:36) Staying in Touch

Discuss ancillary plans to fill in the gaps, ways to stay in touch with your clients

(24:48) Taxes

Tax forms

(26:14) SEP Alternatives

Short term major medical, limited benefits

(28:55) Resources 

Brokerage Bucks, trainings, contact information

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