SEP Success – HealthSherpa Tips & Tricks

Video Summary

In this webinar, insurance expert Michelle McLaren gives tips on how to use HealthSherpa effectively. Learn about HealthSherpa platform, SEPs, fraud prevention, and more. Gain insights on the setup process, quoting, enrollment, and post-support. Enhance your expertise and sales strategies.


(1:18) What is the SEP?

When it is, who's eligible, why we have a SEP

(9:25) Setting Up HealthSherpa

Why use HealthSherpa? Creating an account, setting up referrals

(20:28) Navigating HealthSherpa

How to navigate the HealthSherpa dashboard

(22:53) Quoting

Client information, comparing options

(29:47) Consent Form

Must have a consent form to enroll clients

(34:22) Enrolling

Application questions

(44:50) Eligibility Letter

How to read the eligibility letter

(46:36) Follow Ups

Following up with your clients

(50:08) Fixing Data Matching Issues

Policies for fixing DMI

(54:47) Reporting a Change

How to update your clients information

(56:39) Questions

Agents ask questions

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