Short Term Medical & Limited Benefit Plans Overview

Video Summary

In this webinar, we explore the alternatives to ACA plans and learn about the benefits, limitations, and underwriting requirements of Short Term Medical (STM) and Limited Benefit plans. Our expert presenter, Michelle McLaren, will cover the differences between ACA and non-ACA qualified health plans, how these alternative plans can be used in place of a ACA plan, and the types of plans available.


(1:19) Explaining the SEP

What/when it is, qualifications, special SEPs, common misconceptions

(7:36) Alternatives to Major Medical

Short Term Medical (STM), Limited Benefit, Supplements

(13:32) Short Term Medical (STM)

Coverage, benefits, new regulations

(24:05) Limited Benefit

Up/down sides

(25:55) Supplements

Accident, Cancer/CI, Hospital Indemnity (HIP)

(29:19) Finding Clients

Where to look for the right clients

(30:11) Resources

Contact information


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