Cancer/Critical Illness Plans Overview

Video Summary

This webinar explores the often-overlooked world of ancillary and supplemental insurance plans. Learn how these plans can provide a financial safety net in case of a medical emergency, filling in gaps between primary health insurance and actual medical expenses.

Discover how cancer and critical illness plans can provide financial support for individuals and families affected by cancer and related illnesses. Gain practical tips on how to sell these products to your clients and provide peace of mind and financial security. Learn how you can ensure your clients' financial futures are protected while earning more!


(3:05) Supplemental Products

Learn how supplemental products help fill gaps in major medical coverage, different types of supplemental products

(6:04) Cancer/Critical Illness Plans 

Benefits of adding a cancer/critical illness plan

(9:20) Cancer Plans

Stand alone cancer plans, riders

(12:46) Critical Illness Plans

Stand alone critical illness plans, plan design

(15:11) Selling Cancer/CI

Starting the conversation

(20:00) Compensation

Compensation example

(22:05) Resources

Meet the health team, contact information

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