Spring Training – Travel Insurance

Video Summary

In this webinar, Michelle McLaren gives insights on choosing the right travel insurance plan. Learn about special enrollment periods, compare GeoBlue and IMG, and explore additional benefits. Gain key takeaways and actionable steps to protect your clients during their summer travels.


(1:49) Explaining the SEP

Learn the basics of the Special Enrollment Period, qualifications, common misconceptions

(7:33) Why Travel Insurance?

How travel insurance can benefit your clients

(8:50) GeoBlue

Benefits, plan options

(16:32) IMG

Benefits, plan options

(23:46) Finding Clients

Where you can find clients

(26:43) Resources 

Contact information, navigating The Broker Link

(29:04) Quoting IMG

How to quote with IMG

(35:14) Quoting GeoBlue

How to quote with GeoBlue

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