The Broker Link Tour

Video Summary

In this webinar, we take you on a tour of our website, showcasing the various features and tools designed to help you navigate and find the information you need. From contracting to product information, Brokerage Bucks, and more, we'll demonstrate how to access and utilize our online resources.


(00:19) Registering for The Broker Link

(1:05) Products 

Product search, carrier information

(5:21) Contracting

How to get contracted

(8:15) Quote Engines

Simply Quote

(9:38) Submit Applications

Simply Enroll, Drop Ticket

(11:25) Compliance

(12:16) Quick Forms

Marketing programs, referrals, recruiting

(14:58) Learning Hub

Trainings, recorded videos, certifications

(19:14) Bonus Opportunities

(21:39) Profile

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