Travel Insurance Overview

Video Summary

Discover valuable insights on the essential importance of travel insurance, especially during the summer season. We cover the different types of travel insurance, the benefits of GeoBlue and IMG, and the importance of having a backup plan to cover unexpected medical expenses while traveling. Explore practical tips on how to promote travel insurance to your clients and strategies for educating your clients on the importance of travel insurance. Learn how travel insurance can protect your clients from unexpected medical expenses while traveling and provide them with peace of mind during their trip.


(1:37) Explaining the SEP

What it is, when it runs, qualifications, common misconceptions

(8:55) Travel Insurance

Why travel insurance?

(10:18) GeoBlue

Plan options, benefits, contracting

(18:17) IMG

IMG plan options, benefits

(24:58) Protecting your Clients 

Finding clients, follow ups

(27:20) Resources 

Meet the team, contact information

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