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Benefits of Email Marketing

Episode Summary

Despite predictions that email marketing would become obsolete, it remains the number one marketing channel in 2020. Email allows for direct, customized communication with an audience in a way that is ubiquitous and necessary for most internet users. This long-form summary analyzes why email marketing continues to thrive and beat out other forms of outreach.

First, email marketing involves sending targeted emails to prospects and customers with the goal of converting them into buyers and loyal followers. It allows you to speak directly to subscribers in a highly customizable way tailored to your industry or topics. Email requires no social media-like account and therefore has billions of users globally who rely on it for work, family, and more.

Importantly, email is checked more frequently than social media platforms. People are addicted to and dependent on email in a way they are not on social media. This gives email a unique advantage in reaching audiences. Studies back this up, showing higher open and engagement rates for email over social media.

Retailers in particular showcase successful email marketing campaigns that boost sales. Their strategies should be mimicked. This includes avoiding spam and only sending helpful, engaging content to build loyal subscribers. Personalization is also key. Integrated software can pull data to customize emails for each recipient.

The mobile-first era has also impacted email design. With so many users on phones, emails must be simplified to display well on small screens. Responsive mobile design is now a must for email success.

Affordable providers like GMass and ActiveCampaign have made professional email marketing accessible. They handle list management, analytics, and more so you can focus on content. For small budgets, email provides the best bang for your buck over pricier ads.

In summary, email endures as the top marketing channel for several compelling reasons:

- Email is ubiquitous, necessary, and offers direct access to your audience.

- It drives higher engagement than social media with addicted users.

- Retailers and other industries showcase profitable email campaigns.

- Mobile-first design, personalization, and integrated software are key email trends to apply.

- Providers make email marketing affordable, scalable, and trackable.

The data shows that despite proclamations of its demise, email marketing remains highly effective for both B2B and B2C outreach. Follow the tips outlined here for an optimized email strategy that leverages its advantages over other marketing options. Email subscribers are incredibly valuable, so continue nurturing yours in 2020 and beyond.


(0:00:00) - Why is email marketing still number one in 2020? Broker Link podcast answers
(0:00:42) - Chris Huston is a content creator at Brokerage, Inc.
(0:01:32) - At least 99% of consumers check their email on a daily basis
(0:02:52) - For over a decade, marketing experts predicted email marketing would be dead by 2020
(0:04:06) - Email marketing is a highly effective online marketing strategy for prospects and customers
(0:08:04) - The next segment will compare email marketing to social media
(0:11:45) - Only 20% of people prefer social media for promotions, according to research
(0:18:21) - Chris: You need a personalized email system to reach thousands of clients
(0:20:57) - More than half of all email users now prefer to check their email through apps
(0:23:01) - The second thing you need to know about these trends is email personalization
(0:24:25) - The third trend with email marketing is increased software integrations
(0:27:48) - Email marketing continues to reign as the channel of choice for marketing communications

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