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Agency Owner Spotlight: Raul Gonzalez

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This podcast episode features an interview with Raul Gonzalez, founder and owner of TMS Insurance Brokerage based in San Antonio, TX. Raul shares insights into growing a successful Medicare insurance agency based on his own experience starting TMS from the ground up.

Raul got his start in the Medicare insurance industry working as an agent for Humana. Several years into this job, Raul's wife became pregnant which prompted Raul to want more control over his schedule. He decided to leave Humana with the intention of joining an existing Medicare agency. However, Raul ended up making the bold move to launch his own agency, TMS Insurance Brokerage.

Fast forward to today, and TMS has over 200 agents focused primarily on selling Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans. When asked what makes TMS unique, Raul points to the "golden rule" as a guiding principle for how he operates the agency. Specifically, he treats his agents the way he would want to be treated if he were in their shoes when starting out.

Raul shares that his big break came just a couple of months after starting TMS when one of Humana's top-producing agents decided to leave and join Raul's agency. This immediately validated Raul's new business in the eyes of other agents. Many of them followed the top producer's lead and joined TMS as well. With just 5 agents on board, TMS sold over 1,000 Medicare apps in their inaugural AEP - a very impressive feat.

Initially, Raul partnered with a national FMO that lacked local presence and support in Texas. After 8 years, Raul realized he had maximized his growth potential with that FMO partner. He decided to switch to partnering with the Brokerage and saw immediate results. Raul's agency increased production right away after joining the Brokerage. In their first year together, TMS's sales numbers exploded - up 25% over their previous best year ever.

Raul credits the Brokerage's local support and hands-on commitment to his success as factors in his growth. When asked what advice he would give other agencies looking for an FMO partner, Raul stresses finding one that is truly invested in your success and wants to see you grow.

In summary, Raul's story provides several key lessons for Medicare agencies looking to expand:

1. Leverage your connections and recruit talent from other major companies. Their trust in you can influence others.

2. Adopt the golden rule by treating your agents how you would want to be treated. This earns loyalty.

3. Find the right FMO partner invested in your success to unlock growth potential.

4. Growth often comes through strategic partnerships with the right organizations.

Raul started small but through hard work, perseverance, and the right partnerships, achieved phenomenal growth while staying committed to his values. His story offers inspiration for any Medicare agency looking to get to the next level.


(0:00:04) - Raul Gonzalez is the owner of TMS Insurance brokerage in San Antonio
(0:02:06) - One of the biggest blessings that happened is in 2013, a
(0:03:12) - Simply Enroll is the broker's alternative to Medicare Gov
(0:04:42) - You started growing your agency, but then you looked for an FMO
(0:07:11) - Raul Gutierrez: How do you get started with the insurance brokerage

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