AHIP: It’s that time of Year

Episode Summary

The provided transcript covers a discussion between two insurance agents about everything Medicare agents need to know regarding AHIP certification for 2022.

AHIP, which stands for America's Health Insurance Plans, is an annual certification exam required by most insurance carriers to sell Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. Agents must complete AHIP certification each year before they can be appointed to sell plans for the upcoming year.

The standard cost of the AHIP exam is $175 if you take it directly through the AHIP website. However, many insurance carriers offer a $50 discount if you take it through their portal after they release their carrier-specific certification courses. This incentivizes agents to complete the carrier training in addition to AHIP.

The AHIP exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. To pass, agents need to correctly answer at least 45 questions to achieve the required 90% score. Agents get 3 chances to pass before needing to purchase the course again. If an agent fails a question, it's recommended they write down the question and review it thoroughly before their next attempt.

The content covered on the AHIP exam focuses primarily on Medicare compliance, regulations, guidelines, and conceptual information. It does not go in-depth on plan specifics or enrollment processes - those details are covered in the carrier training.

Since AHIP is an open-book exam, agents are encouraged to use the study materials and quizzes provided within the AHIP course to prepare. Completing the quizzes multiple times can help familiarize agents with the exam format and the types of questions asked.

The AHIP certification is valid for the entire plan year once completed. For example, passing the 2022 exam would certify an agent to sell plans from October 2021 through December 2022. While the exam can be taken anytime, it's recommended agents complete it no later than October to be ready for the Annual Enrollment Period selling.

Some additional tips covered include reviewing any missed questions before re-taking the exam, purchasing additional attempts if needed, and taking advantage of continuing education credits offered for AHIP in most states.

Overall, the discussion aims to eliminate confusion about AHIP, explain what to expect on the exam, recommend study strategies, and ensure agents are fully prepared to sell Medicare plans compliantly for 2022. Passing AHIP is a crucial step for Medicare agents each year.


(0:00:05) - Welcome to the Broker Link, where we empower insurance agents to sell more
(0:00:49) - The annual AHIP is required by most insurance carriers for Medicare Advantage
(0:04:12) - Taking the AHIP certification will allow you to sell all of the 2022 products
(0:05:33) - The 2021 Medicare Advantage Health Information Assessment requires a 90% pass rate
(0:07:39) - Do you get continuing education credits for doing the AHIP
(0:09:11) - If you are struggling with the exam, make sure to review the material
(0:10:09) - All of this info will be released in the broker link agent portal

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