AEP Kickoff Preview

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The transcript provides a preview of an upcoming annual kickoff event hosted by a brokerage firm for insurance agents who sell Medicare and Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans.

The event is described as a "one-stop shop" for brokers to gain the knowledge, resources, and motivation they need to find success in the upcoming open enrollment period. With open enrollment season right around the corner, this is the optimal time for brokers to start finalizing their preparations and strategies to maximize enrollments.

The kickoff events will be taking place in four Texas cities in mid-September: San Antonio on September 12, Dallas on September 14, Corpus Christi on September 19, and Houston on September 21. The host encourages all broker partners to attend, even if they are not based in Texas.

The events will feature expert panels consisting of carrier representatives and technology vendors. This gives brokers insider access to get product information directly from the sources, see platform demos, learn how to leverage various technologies and get their pressing questions answered. There will also be highlights presented on the key Medicare and ACA plans and offerings in each local market.

In addition, the events facilitate networking opportunities for brokers to connect with peers in their region. Attendees can share best practices, lessons learned, and new ideas with other top agents in their area. Making these local connections can help brokers gain a competitive edge.

A special guest speaker is also planned - motivational speaker Dan Clark, who is described as one of the Top 10 Motivational Speakers in the World. His experience as an author, athlete, actor, and philanthropist allows him to inspire audiences through humorous and energetic storytelling. He will get brokers pumped up and excited to take on the enrollment period.


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(0:00:21) - We have our annual brokerage kickoff coming up right around the corner
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