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The Broker Link podcast recently featured an interview with Albert Robledo, founder and CEO of PTT Financial, an insurance agency based in Harlingen, Texas. Albert shared his story of transitioning from being a band geek and music teacher to building a highly successful insurance agency.

Albert started off earning his music education degree and teaching high school band for 9 years. During this time, he was approached by someone in financial services about getting his insurance license. Albert obtained his license and started selling index products part-time while still teaching.

Remarkably, in his first year selling insurance part-time, Albert earned $150,000 in commissions. This was as much as he would make in a year as a teacher with 9 years of experience. The huge income potential motivated Albert to leave teaching and pursue insurance full-time.

Today, Albert's agency PTT Financial does over 7 figures in annual revenue. Their primary products are Medicare plans and index annuities. The agency has around 200 active agents during AEP. Albert attributes his success to surrounding himself with talented people who push him to be better.

On the podcast, Albert shared several key lessons he's learned over his career:

First, don't fear failure - embrace it as an opportunity for growth. Albert failed his teaching certification exam several times before passing. He used this experience as motivation to pass his insurance exam on the first try through diligent studying.

Second, adapt and embrace changes in technology. During COVID-19, Albert focused on helping his agents improve their use of technology and virtual sales.

Third, serve others with a giving mindset. Albert believes he owes his success to the people who choose to work with him. He aims to provide massive value to agents.

Fourth, surround yourself with great mentors. Albert highlights that partners like Josh Lowry have taken his business to new heights.

Finally, empower your team to grow their own businesses as CEOs. Albert seeds the vision in his agents to run their own agencies.

In summary, Albert's story demonstrates that through hard work, perseverance, serving others, and embracing personal growth, you can build a highly successful insurance agency from the ground up. Anyone willing to put in the effort can become a CEO.

If you want freedom of time and income, Albert encourages taking the leap to agency ownership. He loves empowering his agents to reach new heights in their careers.

I highly recommend listening to the full interview with Albert Robledo on the Broker Link podcast. It's sure to motivate and equip insurance agents with practical tips for growth. Albert's journey from band geek to insurance mogul is truly inspirational.


(0:00:01) - Albert Robledo is the CEO of PTT Financial in Texas
(0:00:57) - Welcome to the Broker Link podcast, where agents go to grow their insurance business
(0:01:50) - Albert Miller shares his story about how he got into insurance
(0:07:46) - You have this humble attitude about being successful
(0:08:41) - Your main focus is Medicare, and second to that is index products
(0:10:38) - How many agents do you have today within your agency
(0:11:43) - What are some of the biggest lessons you've learned throughout the years
(0:13:52) - Around yourself with incredible people, successful people, I'll use from the brokerage
(0:16:26) - Your biggest takeaway from everything you just said is surrounding yourself with incredible people
(0:22:51) - For anyone wanting to become a business owner, you must become an owner
(0:26:33) - Broker Link helps agents sell more, earn more, and stay independent

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