Insurance Basics

Captive vs. Independent Agents

Episode Summary

In this podcast episode, Ethan Oles provides valuable insights on starting and growing a career in the insurance industry. As the new agent director at The Brokerage, Inc., Ethan draws on his experience helping thousands of agents launch their businesses. He explores the key differences between being a captive agent at a large carrier versus operating as an independent agent.


(0:00:03) - Broker Link podcast talks with Ethan Oles about insurance options

(0:00:38) - Ethan got started with the brokerage two and a half years ago

(0:02:10) - Can you give us a brief overview of how a person should start a career in insurance

(0:03:01) - Let's talk about the complete newbie that's just heard about insurance

(0:05:50) - Let's talk about captive versus independent agents. Pros and cons of both

(0:10:49) -  I encourage agents to incorporate additional products into their toolbox

(0:17:19) - First and foremost, you want to look for a 100% vested contract

(0:22:46) - With the brokerage, there are about three different avenues an agent can take

(0:25:13) - A lot of agents ask if there's no cost associated with partnering with The Brokerage

(0:29:10) - Ethan discusses captive versus independent selling of insurance

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