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How to Choose the Best IMO

Episode Summary

The Brokerage Inc. New Agent Advisor, Louise Roberson focuses on advising both new and experienced agents on how to choose the best Insurance Marketing Organization or IMO by asking the right questions up front. She recommends looking for total transparency and follow-through from an agency partner. Understanding commission structure and ownership terms before signing on is critical.

Louise has learned first-hand that mistakes like choosing the wrong agency can derail an insurance career. Her insights equip agents to find the right agency fit from the start. She's proud to leverage her experience at The Brokerage to help agents succeed by providing the commission structure, honesty, resources and support she wished she had earlier in her career.


(0:00:04) - Broker Link podcast features advice from Louise Roberson about insurance marketing

(0:00:37) - Louise Johnson got into insurance by answering a job ad 31 years ago

(0:06:58) - One of the biggest challenges was choosing the right agency for your job

(0:08:23) - You started out learning the ropes at a Dallas agency. Huge accounts, right?

(0:09:03) - I signed contracts after this company approached me, and offered me a position with

(0:12:20) - It's important to pick the right people to represent the agency

(0:13:15) - What are some of the biggest lessons you learned starting from scratch in the agency

(0:14:46) - What would you say agents should be looking for in an insurance marketing

(0:19:24) - Some agencies offer free leads, but they also have vested contracts for us

(0:25:47) - If you're looking for an agency, there are all kinds of different setups

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