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Gary Walker’s Unconventional Methods

Episode Summary

This podcast episode features Gary Walker, a retired pastor who entered the insurance business in 2016 after 25 years in ministry. Gary started out partnering with a debit insurance company but quickly realized he wanted to offer more client-friendly products. He was introduced to brokerage and became excited about selling Medicare plans as a way to help people access healthcare.

Gary focused heavily on Medicare when he first started. In his first year in business, he only sold 2-3 life insurance policies in total. But after his first Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, Gary went back to those same clients and began cross-selling life insurance. With one-on-one coaching from his brokerage, Gary grew his life insurance sales exponentially. In just one year, he successfully cross-sold over 150 life insurance policies by tapping into his existing client base.

The key to Gary's success has been leveraging the relationships he built over 25 years as a pastor. He markets to people he already knows, which gives him instant credibility. Gary has also begun advertising on local Christian radio stations, running both Medicare and life insurance spots several times a day. The radio ads help him reach prospective clients he's never met before.

Gary focuses on meeting client needs rather than just making sales. He keeps the client's interests above his own and sensitively aligns insurance solutions with their budgets. After every sale, Gary asks for referrals to the rest of the client's family and friends, which has been hugely successful.

For agents looking to replicate his success, Gary emphasizes the importance of getting out there and talking to everyone about insurance. He says not to be afraid to offer the sale - you can't make a sale if you don't ask. Gary recommends filling your pipeline with prospects, getting on people's calendars, and following up consistently. With grit and hustle, he believes anyone can succeed in insurance sales.

Gary credits his brokerage for boosting his confidence and skills through personalized coaching and introducing him to life insurance products tailored to his target demographic. With his wife Mary managing the back office, Gary is able to focus on sales. His passion for serving people drives his success.

Gary's story provides encouragement, motivation, and practical tips for insurance agents looking to grow their businesses. He proves it's never too late to start a new career and that leveraging relationships, creative marketing, and tenacity are the keys to selling more insurance.


0:00:03) - Gary Walker shares his advice on growing your insurance business
(0:00:40) - Gary started in the insurance business in 2016 with a debit company
(0:05:11) - One of the things that's made you and Mary successful is innovative marketing
(0:07:48) - The life insurance industry has changed a lot over the last couple of years
(0:10:44) - Do you have any encouragement for other agents who your story might inspire
(0:11:38) - We empower insurance agents to sell more, earn more, and stay independent

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