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How to Get Started in Medicare Sales

Episode Summary

David Ireland, an industry veteran with 11 years of experience selling Medicare plans, shares insider tips for new agents looking to build a successful career in this field.

He explains that he got his start by first getting his insurance license, completing all required AHIP training, and partnering with an established independent brokerage. This allowed him to leverage their back-office support during the early days as he was launching his business. David recommends new agents take this approach when starting out, either joining an independent brokerage or signing on directly with a leading insurance carrier.

Once licensed and certified, David suggests focusing on one or two top insurance carriers initially. Take the time to complete any additional certifications required by those carriers in order to become an expert on their Medicare offerings. This will position you as a go-to agent for those specific plans.

Marketing and lead generation should be top priorities from day one. David had great success using direct mail campaigns, digital advertising, and community events to get his name out there. He stresses the importance of casting a wide net and leveraging diverse channels to build a strong pipeline of prospects.

David held weekly sales meetings to roleplay objections, discuss opportunities, and motivate his team. He emphasizes following up promptly and consistently with all prospects, knowing it often takes multiple touches before someone is ready to enroll.

When meeting with prospects, David always presented multiple plan options including Medicare Advantage, Medigap, Part D prescription plans, dental, vision, and hearing benefits. He believes it's important to offer a complete solution. Over time, as he built trust and credibility, he was able to successfully cross-sell additional products.

In the early days, David leveraged the brand recognition and reputation of his top carrier partners in his marketing materials and sales presentations. This helped provide reassurance to prospects who were unfamiliar with him as a new agent. But over time, as he became established, David was able to highlight his own personal brand, expertise, and agency.

In summary, David emphasizes getting the proper licensing and certifications, partnering with leading insurance carriers, implementing diverse marketing strategies, following up diligently, offering comprehensive solutions, and leveraging reputable brands in order to build a successful Medicare sales business as a new agent. His decades of experience provide invaluable insights for those starting out in this industry.


(0:00:06) - Broker Link podcast features David Ireland on how to get started in Medicare sales
(0:00:39) - Gillen has been in the Medicare business for eleven years
(0:02:02) - So you started out with United and that was a captive environment or independent
(0:04:02) - Life and health with a license you can sell Medicare supplement plans without anything different
(0:05:54) - Most carriers require something called AHIP, which is a universally accepted certification exam
(0:09:06) - How do you decide what carriers you need to sell as a broker
(0:15:40) - Let's walk through the selling cycle of Medicare because it is very unique
(0:19:08) - As a new agent, you're thinking about how to budget for commissions
(0:20:06) - Okay, so let's talk about marketing strategies in this industry
(0:26:57) - Not every marketing activity is going to be for every agent
(0:31:03) - You also want to diversify your product portfolio with financial advisors
(0:36:44) - A lot of agents just think Medicare and truthfully, there's money
(0:40:33) - David Gillen: Start building your own brand and utilizing the brand of carriers
(0:43:13) - David Ireland: When you become an agency principal, that's generally when
(0:48:58) - Broker Link podcast features expert advice on growing your business

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