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Kickstart your Year for Success

Episode Summary

This podcast episode focuses on holistic goal setting and success strategies for insurance agents based on an interview with Gallup-certified strengths coach Brent O'Bannon. He emphasizes "whole year resolutions" that align all aspects of your life, not just business goals.

O'Bannon stresses the importance of "healing yourself first" - applying principles to your own life before expecting others to follow them. As leaders, we lose credibility when we don't walk our talk with integrity. He relates this to the airline's advice to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others. As entrepreneurs who pour ourselves out daily for clients, we must prioritize our self-care and well-being first.

Finding support through a professional coach and a mastermind peer group provides vital accountability, resilience, and accelerated growth. O'Bannon credits these two practices for helping him sustain his business for 30 years. Masterminds give encouragement, community, and a push to move from idea to implementation.

O'Bannon notes that when purpose aligns with goals, "life flows much more easily." He outlines ten key areas insurance agents should focus on vision, strategy, cash flow, products/services, marketing, sales, team, clients, culture, and lifestyle. We must work hard at a profitable business without losing the enjoyment of life.

He also emphasizes identifying and optimizing natural strengths. Setting goals and selling in ways that align with innate talents makes you more successful and attractive to ideal clients. O'Bannon offers a free downloadable 10X business plan to help agents set holistic goals and track progress across the ten dimensions of growth.

The podcast highlights include:

- Holistic goal setting aligns purpose, values, and strengths with business growth objectives

- Walk your talk with integrity by applying principles to yourself first

- Prioritize your self-care and well-being - "Put on your oxygen mask first"

- Coaching and mastermind groups provide vital accountability, resilience, and support

- When purpose and goals align, life flows more easily

- Focus holistically on 10 key areas: vision, strategy, cash flow, products/services, marketing, sales, team, clients, culture, lifestyle

- Optimizing your natural strengths makes work more fulfilling and attracts ideal clients

- Masterminds provide community, encouragement, and accountability to execute ideas

- Balance is crucial - work hard to create a lifestyle you can enjoy

Holistic goal-setting and business growth strategies allow insurance agents to experience more meaning, impact, and abundance. Be sure to listen to the full podcast and check out Brent's website for additional resources to set yourself up for success this year.


(0:00:00) - Brent O'Bannon discusses the importance of setting holistic goals
(0:01:19) - Brent writes about making whole-year resolutions rather than New Year's resolutions
(0:04:19) - How do you take care of yourself when working from home
(0:07:17) - You recently shared some advice on how to plan around your unique strengths
(0:15:07) - Creating a sustainable business requires a long-term mindset, resiliency
(0:17:57) - A great business starts with vision first, then strategy and then lifestyle
(0:23:10) - Brent offers coaching and mentoring programs for real estate agents
(0:24:43) - Three main takeaways from today's episode: When setting goals, look holistically

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