Marketing and Generating Leads at Home

Episode Summary

The transcript covers a seminar hosted by Josh Slattery of Broker Link on generating insurance leads and conducting marketing while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He begins by providing reassurance that there are still plenty of Medicare prospects, with 10,500 Americans turning 65 every day, so the opportunity exists for agents even now. However, we need to pivot our approaches to use more virtual sales tactics to reach these consumers remotely rather than relying solely on traditional face-to-face events.

Josh notes that Medicare Advantage continues to see exponential growth, while Medicare Supplement plans remain steady. He advises agents to research metro areas with high Medicare Advantage penetration, like Houston, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Digging into market share data can help you identify the top carriers to contract within each region.

In terms of competition, Josh mentions that call centers, captive agents, online enrollment, and are key players. He stresses the importance of promoting the value of independent local agents who can provide personalized service and guidance that consumers may not get through mass-market channels.

Due to shifting consumer preferences, Josh introduces the concept of becoming a "hybrid agent" who can seamlessly enroll prospects via phone, online, or socially distanced in-person meetings. COVID-19 has rapidly sped up changes in consumer behavior that were already happening, so agents need to meet people where they are.

He notes that seniors have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. They are more concerned about health and economic risks and will likely be slowest to adjust their shopping habits. Agents should assume COVID-19 will impact AEP this fall and plan their marketing accordingly.

On a positive note, Josh highlights that life and health insurance is one of the more recession-proof industries. While sectors like hospitality have been decimated, insurance remains essential, so there are still sales opportunities. Agents simply need to adapt their approaches.

For marketing, Josh suggests focusing on virtual events, direct mail, social media, and online community outreach. Traditional tactics like in-person sales meetings and retail kiosks will be limited in the near future. He also recommends tailoring messaging around concerns like OTC benefits and pandemic protection.

In summary, the main takeaways are that opportunities still exist for agents amidst COVID-19 if they pivot to virtual/remote sales and marketing strategies. Being flexible and adaptable in how you reach and enroll consumers will be key both now and in the long run. While challenging, agents can absolutely continue serving Medicare beneficiaries by making prudent adjustments.


(0:00:03) - Broker Link podcast focuses on marketing and generating leads from home
(0:09:18) - Medicare Advantage plans in 2020 grew more than any other year in previous history
(0:14:10) - 35% of Medicare Advantage enrollments every year are taken over the phone
(0:15:11) - Another competitor that you have out there is a captive agent. Many of you, even I started as one of these
(0:16:56) - Covid is introducing the concept of a hybrid agent

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