Strategies for Selling Ameritas Dental

August 18, 2021

Is it worth buying a dental plan?  A question many of your clients may be thinking about while considering their Medicare or Health Insurance options.  Todd Cowan is the National Sales Director for Ameritas Dental and explores this question with our President, Mike Smith in our podcast Strategies for Selling Ameritas Dental.  Dental plans are always a great conversation starter if you are considering cross-selling.  Cowan walks through how to approach this sale.

Podcast Overview

Ameritas has been in the dental space for over 60 years.  So why Ameritas?  It is not a medical carrier but focuses on dental and vision coverage.  Ameritas is a stable dental plan that has a track record for success.  It has also not had a rate increase in two years.  

Here are some of Todd’s tips and strategies for selling Ameritas:  

  1.  Ask the important questions (how to pay for dental expenses? etc)
  2.  Engage your client (use social media – leverage technology)
  3.   Leverage technology (unique URL)
  4.  Showcase the savings (let numbers speak for themselves)
  5.  Emphasis the Ameritas difference (day one coverage, no waiting period)

If you want to learn more, visit the Ameritas website www.myplan.ameritas.com

In this Podcast we’ll also explore:

  • How much do seniors pay for dental each year?
  • Some new features offered by Ameritas including teeth whitening
  • What language to use when presenting Ameritas
  •  And so much more…

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