Dealing with Fraud

Video Summary

This webinar focuses on addressing the growing issues of health insurance fraud and hacking within the industry. Get valuable insights and practical tips to protect yourself and your clients from these threats. The webinar covers topics such as the common methods used by fraudsters, the risks posed to clients' health coverage and finances, and the steps agents can take to prevent and respond to fraud effectively.


(3:58) What is Happening?

Fraud in the Marketplace, identity theft, plan changes

(6:24) Protecting Yourself

Things to do to help protect your clients and your business

(10:52) HealthSherpa

How HealthSherpa helps you keep track of your clients

(14:29) Reporting

Where to report fraud and what to include

(15:38) AoR Rules by Carrier

Each carriers rules regarding AoR

(19:54) Questions

Agents get their questions



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