HealthSherpa Deep Dive

Video Summary

Discover how HealthSherpa can revolutionize your health insurance enrollment process. In this webinar, we dive into more complex topics such as consent forms, eligibility letters, and data matching issues. Find out how following up with your clients keeps their information up-to-date and secure. Learn how to navigate the redirect with a walkthrough of the process.


(3:10) Consent

Obtaining a consent form

(4:42) Enrolling

Checking for an existing account

(6:06) Dashboard

Navigating the dashboard, uploading consent forms

(9:05) Eligibility Letter

Reading an eligibility letter

(11:11) Application Review Consent

Collecting a proof of review

(13:53) Data Matching Issues (DMI)

Fixing DMI, helping your client

(16:51) Following Up

Checking in with your clients for updated information, outstanding documents

(20:18) Multiple Plans

How to navigate multiple plans in a household

(24:35) Redirect

Explaining the redirect, possible uses

(34:14) Redirect Demo

Walkthrough of the redirect process

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