No SEP? No Problem!

Video Summary

In this webinar, Michelle McLaren shows us how Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs) can help secure vital health insurance coverage outside of standard enrollment times. Discover key differences between Open Enrollment Periods (OEP) and SEPs, the importance of pre-existing condition protections, and common events triggering an SEP.

Gain practical knowledge on navigating enrollment periods effectively, including insights on qualifying life events and specialized SEPs. Learn how to make informed choices, ensuring your clients have the coverage they need when it matters most.


(00:39) What is SEP?

What is SEP? When is SEP? Why is there an SEP? Qualifications

(8:56) Options

Different options to ACA plans

(14:34) STMM

Carriers, comparison chart

(18:21) Limited Benefit Plans

Carriers, comparison chart

(19:40) Supplemental Plans

Accident, Cancer/Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity

(36:15) Taxes

Where to find tax information for your clients

(39:51) Questions

Agents get their questions answered

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