SEP Success – ACA 101

Video Summary

In this webinar, Michelle McLaren talks about maximizing sales of ACA health insurance plans during Special Enrollment Periods. Learn about qualifying life events, plan options, and affordability programs to boost your sales. Gain valuable tips and strategies for selling ACA plans successfully outside of Open Enrollment. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your sales tactics in the evolving world of ACA health insurance.


(1:53) Why Sell ACA?

Easy marketing, helping people

(3:07) Types of Plans

Qualified vs Non-Qualified

(5:24) Understanding The Marketplace 

Shopping center, on vs off exchange, networks

(14:10) Getting Started

License, certification

(17:50) Special Enrollment Period

Eligibility, finding clients

(28:44) Making it Affordable 

Tax credits, cost sharing reductions

(39:31) Consent

Consent form, reporting fraud

(45:17) Risk & Value

Helping your clients understand risk

(48:08) Eligibility

Enrolling, over 65, immigration status

(52:04) Financial Considerations

Tax filing status, modified adjusted gross income (MAGI), employer coverage

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