SEP Success – Bundling Tips & Tricks

Video Summary

Unleash the power of strategic bundling with expert Michelle McLaren to thrive in the off-season. Learn client-focused solutions, bundled packages, and key practices for success in insurance sales.


(1:43) Explaining the SEP

What? When? Why? Qualifications

(6:17) Bundling

Finding holes in coverage

(11:18) Product Types

Different types of products that can be bundled

(14:48) Example

Example client walkthrough

(20:22) Year Round Opportunity

Following up with your client

(22:15) Best Practices

Stories, flyers

(26:26) Starting the Conversation

Where to begin with your client

(31:35) Cheat Sheets 

Overview of products by carrier

(35:27) Resources

Brokerage Bucks, trainings, support

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