SEP Success – Marketing Yourself

Video Summary

In this webinar, learn how to accelerate your insurance business growth during the Special Enrollment Period. Learn practical marketing tactics tailored for insurance agents to thrive in the industry. Discover ways to establish credibility, forge valuable connections, and enhance visibility, all while unlocking special offerings like the Brokerage Bucks program. Don't miss out on this opportunity to position yourself as a trusted insurance advisor.


(1:17) Explaining the SEP

What? When? How? Qualifications

(9:22) Becoming a Subject Matter Expert (SME)

How to be knowledgeable in health insurance

(15:14) Where to Market

Good locations to market yourself

(19:56) Presentations

Helpful topics for health presentations

(22:01) Referral Partners

How to choose trusted referral partners

(23:32) Flyers

How to utilize flyers

(27:28) Finding SEP Eligible Clients

Best places to find eligible clients

(32:28) Brokerage Bucks

How Brokerage Bucks can help you market yourself

(42:03) Resources

Carrier map, contact information, navigating The Broker Link

(54:22) HealthSherpa redirect


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