Spring Training – Special Populations

Video Summary

In this training, we explore the ways in which working with special populations can enhance your income year round. Michelle McLaren dives into Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs), immigrant eligibility, small business options, and considerations for diverse family structures. This webinar will provide valuable insights and knowledge on navigating the intricacies of health insurance.


(1:19) Explaining the SEP

What, When, Why, qualifications

(8:28) Immigrants

Accepted documents, ITIN and DACA

(14:21) Employer Coverage

The Family Glitch, ICHRA, QSEHRA

(23:14) Households 

Defining families, tax household

(33:12) Tax Filing Status

Picking the best filing status for your clients

(35:31) Marketplace & Medicare

Turning 65, over 65, example

(41:24) Marketplace & Medicaid

Medicaid unwinding

(44:51) Resources 

Brokerage Bucks, contact information, trainings


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