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Understanding Social Security: A look at the big picture

Video Summary

In this webinar, Social Security expert Jody Harris provides valuable tips for maximizing Social Security benefits. He emphasizes the need to understand that Social Security is not a personal retirement account and discusses the importance of coordinating it with other retirement income sources. Jody explains how Social Security benefits are calculated and the impact of factors such as marital status, work history, and taxes. He highlights the significance of choosing the right claiming age and advises running personalized breakeven analyses. Jody also stresses the importance of coordinating Social Security with other income sources and suggests seeking expert help for a comprehensive retirement strategy.


(4:00) Why is Social Security Important?

How Social Security works, state of Social Security today

(14:31) Preparing your Clients for Retirement

Determining benefits, when to take benefits

(24:26) Benefits

Who else qualifies? Survivor benefits, working while receiving benefits

(38:50) Questions

Agent get their Social Security questions answered


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