Spring Training – Dental, Vision, and Hearing

Video Summary

In this webinar, Michelle McLaren dive into dental, vision, and hearing plans. Understand dental plan types, vision coverage details, and the value of these benefits. Delve into bundled plans and broker incentives to enhance your expertise in supplemental insurance.


(1:37) Products

Dental plans, vision plans, and DVH plans

(3:11) Risks & Benefits

Why your clients need dental, vision, and hearing plans

(5:56) Dental

Waiting periods, pre-existing conditions, networks

(9:26) Vision

12 vs 24 month plans, network

(13:40) Hearing

Coverage, hearing aids

(15:45) On-Exchange Dental vs Off

How to choose between on-exchange and off-exchange

(19:08) DVH FAQs

Frequently asked questions

(20:44) Overcoming Objections 

How to overcome common objections

(23:43) Compensation 


(25:31) How TBI Can Help You

Brokerage Bucks, contact information, navigating The Broker Link

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