5 Reasons You Need a Website

By Chris Huston

Why You Need A Website

Do you have a website for your insurance business?

In 2020, having a website is a necessity to build your brand and online presence. As technology becomes more involved with our everyday lives, it is very important for potential customers to be able to find you online.

Here are the benefits of creating a website.

New clients can find you

Did you know nearly two-thirds of small businesses rely on websites to connect with clients and customers?

That is a huge number of businesses already reaching clients online. We also know that 80% of the population has a smartphone. If you have a website, these potential clients will be able to find you on their phones.

Once your business is online, you will also increase your visibility on Google. We recommend you have a Google Business profile for your business, but a website increases your chances someone will find you.

Answer most asked questions

Another benefit of having a website is being able to answer your client’s most asked questions.

A website not only offers new clients information about your business, but it gives your current clients a platform to read up on new policy changes or new products hitting the market.

Increase revenue by cross-selling

Cross-selling is a wonderful way to increase your revenue in 2020.

A website can list all of the products you sell and give them information about each one. You can also set up meetings with clients on your website and schedule information sessions with others.

Build credibility

Having a website can help a small business increase trust, branding, and credibility.  Yes, you can build your brand on social media, but you are restricted by their design and process.

Also, social media platforms own your client list.

If Facebook went away tomorrow, so would your list of followers. Having a website allows you to build an email list that is yours.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Having a website can make such a difference for your business.

In 2019, less than two-thirds of small businesses had a website and 1 in 5 small businesses didn’t utilize digital marketing. So how do you get started?

There are many resources for you. Some platforms like Squarespace and GoDaddy can help you build your website and host it on their servers. Or you can purchase a domain and create your own Wordpress site.  There are many options available for you to choose from.

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